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 At a very young age I discovered the power of music and how vital it is to all of us humans, not only to experience as a performer but also as a listener. As a musician and artist, that is something I try to exemplify every time that I play. The way that feeling can be communicated with sound is why I started this journey, and learning how to speak has and will be the end goal of my journey, hopefully being able to affect others the same way that it does to me – through a mixture of my mediums, singing and bass.


As I finish school at Berklee College of Music, I am working hard on helping other artists music feel good and polishing off my own work. As I’m currently in the process of putting together a group to start polishing off my original music and compositions, which I’m very excited to get out there. It has been invigorating being able to study from and with such inspiring humans, and has really opened up my mind to how music can be expressed and experienced. It will be another year before my recording project is finished, and in the mean time I will continue to hold down the low end for other musicians/artists. I love being able to enhance the music of who I’m playing with by providing a solid foundation of rhythm and marrying it with harmony to make sure the crowd feels your music the way it’s supposed to. Even though I am a bassist, the role is very important when it comes to now only creating a comfortable groove for the tune, but also making sure that the lyrics and emotion can be felt not only though the lyrics and dynamics, but by my playing. As a songwriter, bassist, and band member, I take what you’re trying to express through your music and try to put myself in your shoes – allowing my bass to be my voice, duetting with you as the artist. I am most comfortable on stage, or in the studio – as long as I have my bass to do the talking for me.


Make sure to check out my social media pages, which you can find on the bottom of this page to keep up to date with my own music and release dates. In the meantime, I would love to share the stage with you and help your music come to life. For hiring/booking inquiries, please send an email to or send a direct message on my social media sites.

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